At TopLine Roofing Contractors in Chicago, we have expert roofing contractors who understand that your roof is a crucial part of your home. We also realize that a new roof installation in Chicago is a major investment decision. But we know that once our roofing contractors have completed the work, you will be truly happy and confident that your home can withstand just about anything.

These are four great benefits to having your new roof installation in Chicago:


An aging roof often has shingles that are curling, peeling, or missing, allowing the air in your home to find an escape route. A new roof installation in Chicago provides added insulation so that the air you need to keep inside stays there. So you will not need to run your air conditioning as often or turn up the heat to remain comfortable, leaving you with a lower energy bill.


New roofing installation in Chicago is an excellent way to add value to your home. Many buyers look for homes that need as little work to do as possible, and a new roof is a very large box ticked for those potential buyers.


An old roof can suffer damage that leads to water leaks, and if left unchecked, health concerns like mold and mildew could infest your home.  Your home may also suffer greater damage during a heavy storm, creating problems for your gutters, interior walls, insulation, and your possessions. Your new roofing installation in Chicago will be durable to withstand the toughest weather events.


Our roofing company in Chicago knows that your family is the most important part of your life. A new roof is the best way to ensure their safety at home, so you can feel comfortable knowing that they are well-protected in a home that is structurally sound from the top down.