TopLine Roofing Contractors Is The Most Trusted Roofing Company In Evanston, IL

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    TopLine Roofing Contractors is the leading roofing company in Evanston that brings a full range of roofing services to the region. Whether it’s roof repairs, restoration, or a brand new construction you need help with, our roofing contractors in Evanston can handle it, no matter the size of the project. We offer a quick response with a detailed estimate for your roof replacement, so call our roofing contractors in Evanston now.
    Our roofing company is bonded, licensed, and insured and we are always prepared to help, we enjoy our history of success but understand that the real measure of a company is customer satisfaction we achieve through our work. That’s exactly why our roofing company in Evanston is so committed to providing our customers with affordable top-quality roofing that is honest and reliable
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    Why Choose Our Roofing Contractors Evanston, IL

    Years of Experience

    For the high-quality roof inspection, roof installation, or roof repair in Evanston that you can rely on, you need experience working for you. At TopLine Roofing Company, 20 years of experience can leave you with the roof you want.

    Skilled Contractors

    For years we have been the leader among the top roofing companies in Evanston because our roofing contractors are trained and skilled for any type of roof. Our top-level skills can provide the highest standard of roofing performance for your home or business.

    Top-Quality Service

    Excellent roofing means more than the workmanship we provide for the roof installation and roof repair in Evanston. Our roofing contractors also provide a personalized touch to every customer for that highest level of customer service not often seen.

    Services Offered By Our Roofing Company Evanston, IL


    Roof Repair Evanston, IL

    Whether it’s a general roof repair in Evanston or a major roof problem to handle, roofing contractors working at TopLine Roofing Company are ready to take care of the issue quickly and professionally. We will evaluate your roof, develop a plan, and take the necessary steps to fix it fast and on budget, so you don’t have to worry about your roof any longer.

    Roof Installation Evanston, IL

    Our professional and licensed roofing company in Evanston provides only the most reliable roofing solutions for your new roof installation. We have a lot of roofing options available for our clients so you get a look you want and the durability you need.


    Roof Inspection Evanston, IL

    If you need us to check your roof at just about any time of year, you believe there is a problem on your roof, or you are working on a property transaction, our roofing company can be there with expert roof inspection in Evanston. Let us go over your roof to keep it in top form so you can be confident with it all year long.  

    Hail & Storm Damage Restoration Evanston, IL

    Roof damage as a result of natural elements can be disastrous and you may not even notice it until a bigger problem arises. TopLine Roofing Company deals directly with your public adjuster to ensure your roof repair in Evanston has the coverage you expect. We even have incredible financing options available if you can’t immediately afford the roof repair or an insurance claim is not necessary.


    Roof Types Offered by Our TopLine Roofing Contractors Evanston, IL

    Flat Roof Evanston, IL

    For our flat roofing, you will see common materials like fiberglass membranes, modified bitumen, and rubber membrane. Our expert roofing contractors in Evanston can assist you in finding the most fitting flat roof for your property while spending within your budget. Call us at TopLine Roofing Company for any roofing concerns.

    new roof with shingles

    Shingle Roof Evanston, IL

    We make each roofing unique, even if it is a customary shingle roof. You can trust the quality when the roofing comes from TopLine Roofing Company. At best, you may avail of our roofing inspection, repair, or installation for consistent quality performance. Chat with our roofing company representatives to inquire about the best deals.

    Rubber Roof Evanston, IL

    Long-lasting, eco-friendly, and fire-resistant. These are just some fantastic benefits you can enjoy when you avail of our rubber roof. We have professional roofing contractors who can assist you with your needs. Let us know if you need our roof inspection, repair, or installation services so we can make a schedule the soonest time possible.

    Check What People Say About Our Roofing Contractors Evanston, IL

    TopLine Roofing Companies Evanston, IL - FAQ

    How does a homeowner know when it’s time for a roof repair in Evanston?

    There are several ways a roof can become damaged. You may not know where to begin looking or what to look for. That’s why it’s best to hire someone for a professional roof inspection in Evanston. This can be done regularly to find any damage early. At TopLine Roofing Company in Evanston, we know what we’re looking for and how best to find it.

    Do I need a total roof installation in Evanston for a leaking roof?

    Your leaking roof may be a result of a minor issue or a serious concern. When speaking to TopLine Roofing Company in Evanston, we’ll help determine the next steps whether it’s a roof repair or a new roof installation.

    Before I get a new roof installation in Evanston, I need to know, how long will it last?

    The average lifespan of a roof is approximately 20 Years., but how long your roof installation lasts depends on several factors that can increase or decrease that number. They include the roof design, the building structure, the materials used for your roof installation, the quality of work by your roofing contractors, the climate in the area, and your maintenance schedule.

    How much is a roofing installation in Evanston?

    The price for a new roof installation in Evanston is based on the size of the home, the materials chosen, the architecture, local market prices, and the roofing company you select.

    When should I get a new roof installation in Evanston?

    There are a few things to consider before it’s time for a roof installation. Are the shingles curling or missing? Do you see algae growth on the roof? Is there mold in the attic? These are all sure signs that you should contact TopLine Roofing Company in Evanston for an assessment of your roof.

    How Our Roofing Process Works - TopLine Roofing Company Evanston, IL


    The roofing process starts when you contact us. You can communicate your roofing concern with us over the phone. We will listen intently and ask basic questions so we can get a better picture of your roofing situation. Also, we will ask you the most convenient time to entertain our in-house estimator for the roofing inspection.


    At this stage, our estimator will arrive at your property to inspect your roofing, including all shingles. This stage will help us assess the condition of your roofing and what kind of work needs to be done. Whether you need a partial roof repair or a complete roof installation in Evanston, we can deliver the work flawlessly.


    Knowing all the important details of the work including the project estimate will save you from having headaches later on. Preparation is the key to successful roofing installation or repair. During this stage, we will inform you of the scope of the work, an approximate timeline, and estimated cost. With all the information we provide, you can arrive at a sound decision before we proceed with the work.


    Our roofing contractors in Evanston will arrive at your property and perform the work as agreed upon. We will strive to complete the project on time with minimal fuss along the way. Expect a clean and professional result once we are done. You can enjoy your new roofing care of TopLine Roofing Company.


    Feel free to call our hotlines and comment on our work. Trust that we will take your feedback to heart and apply the necessary adjustments to our work so we can serve you better each time. For professional roof inspection and prompt roof installation or roof repair, get in touch with our roofing contractors at TopLine Roofing Company, Evanston.

    Roof Installation Evanston, IL - Is It Time For A New One?

    Roofs are often overlooked despite their significant appearance on your home exterior. They also deserve a professional inspection, repair, and maintenance just like other parts of your house. TopLine Roofing Company is here to help address your concerns and make sure your roofing is in great condition. Without expertise in roofing, there are giveaways for the need for new roofing. Contact us when you see any of these signs on your roofing:

    • Obvious cracks
    • Water damage from penetration
    • Visible nails
    • Missing or popped shingles
    • Dark spots on your roofing
    • Old roofing (20+ years)
    • Increased electricity bill to level indoor temperature

    Our professional roofing contractors in Evanston are widely knowledgeable in handling different sorts of roofing services for residential properties. Whether you need our hands on roof installation or roof repair, or it is time for your regular roof inspection in Evanston, contact us at any time. We are happy to serve you in any way we can. Enjoy free quotes and affordable services when you hire our roofing company.

    TopLine Roofing Company Evanston, IL - Benefits of a New Roof Installation

    Improves Curb Appeal: Whether you want to sell your house or not, having a beautiful curb appeal increases its value. Improving your outdoors provides a sense of pride and accomplishment, making your home a happier place to live. 

    Reduced Energy Cost: New homes have modern roofs that use technology and science that lead to excellent energy-saving materials. TopLine Roofing Company in Evanston provides roof installation that helps you cut down on your monthly energy bills. 

    Increased Home Value: Some research reveals that having a new roof installed can significantly impact your home value, especially on resale value. Homebuyers will invest in a house with a new roof because it assures them that roof replacement will not be a problem for them for many years. 

    Less Stress: Having a new roof from a reputable roofing company will give you peace of mind that your investment will protect your house and your family. Call TopLine Roofing Company in Evanston to achieve a professional roofing installation. 

    Residential Roof Repair
    in Evanston, IL

    While there are many roofing companies serving Evanston and its surrounding areas, none of them have such extensive expertise and dedicated professionalism as we do. Over the past few years, our roofing contractors have worked hard to provide the town’s population with the best, over-the-top roof repair services, regardless of the complexity of the tasks or the prevailing weather season. The same can be said for other services that we offer such as roof installation and roof inspection. 

    If you are looking to maintain the comfortable environment of your home (especially in the rainy and snowy season) by keeping your roof in optimal conditions, but cannot find someone reliable to commission that task, you can contact the branch of our roofing company in Evanston. We assure you that you’ll be more than impressed with our work to the extent of requesting us again in the future!

    How To Choose the Right Color
    for Your New Roof Installation in Evanston, IL

    There is a wide range of choices for your roof shingles and colors when you opt for a new roof installation in Evanston. The decisions can be overwhelming to get the perfect color. But TopLine Roofing Company in Evanston has these tips for you that can help you select the right color for your roof.  

    See the options in person. You can get a truer look at colors by viewing them firsthand instead of online, where colors could appear different. This way, you know what to expect after your roof installation in Evanston is complete.

    Take a bird’s eye view. Shingle colors can become camouflaged by similar colors behind them. Although you may not see a major difference between colors, viewing them from above can ensure you know what it will look like on your roof.  

    The sun makes a difference. How the daylight plays off your roof shingles affects how you see the colors once the roofing contractors in Evanston are done with the roof installation. Try looking at a few of your favorite samples at different times during the day to find out how each is affected by the sunlight.

    TopLine Roofing Company Evanston, IL - How To Make Your Roof Last

    Choose the Right Roof: Ask the help of professional roofing contractors in Evanston to help you decide which roofing is perfect for your home. Take time to choose the right roof before proceeding with the roof installation in Evanston.

    Prioritize Ventilation: Having a poorly located attic soffits and ventilation can cause condensation on your decking that supports your roof shingles. Having a poorly placed exhaust fan can lead to rot. So make sure to have proper ventilation to prevent mold and lessen temperature swings. 

    Choose Durable Materials: Choosing a high-quality and durable roofing material for your roof installation is the key to making your roof last longer.  TopLine Roofing Company in Evanston can help you choose the best material. 

    Set Up a Maintenance Plan: A regular maintenance plan helps you catch early problems in your roofing. This will also ensure that your roofing is always in good condition. 

    Check Out Your Warranty: A reliable roofing company provides a warranty to ensure that your roofing is always in good condition. 

    Roof Repair Evanston, IL - Reasons Not to Delay Repair

    Your energy bills will increase.
    If you have damages or gaps in your roofing system, it will allow the water to leak and give way to heat transfer. During colder months, your heated air inside will escape, causing your heating system to work harder, increasing your energy efficiency. 

    The damage will get worse.
    Damages in your roof can increase the likelihood of having your home suffer from serious structural damage by letting water and moisture problems go unchecked. Water can cause mold and dry rot that poses a safety hazard to people living in your home. 

    Water damage will allow mold growth.
    Prolonged water damage will increase the likelihood of sustaining serious damages. Moisture and water that sits in your home cause problems like mold and dry rot and place your health and safety at risk. 

    Animals and pests can get into the roofing system.
    Animals and pets on your roof are a serious problem. Not having a regular inspection can prolong the stay of termites and other insects that cause chaos in your roof. If not addressed immediately, it can cause serious damages. Call TopLine Roofing Company now. 

    Roof Installation Evanston, IL - How To Pepare Your Home 

    A roof provides your home with protection from water, helps with structural strength, and of course, keeps you dry. A roof installation requires regular maintenance. However, there will most come a time when your roofing installation will need replacing. Contact a reputable roofing company such as Topline Roofing Contractors Evanston to assist with your new roof installation. When getting your property ready for installation, you should take a few steps to ensure that the experience will be less intrusive to your day-to-day life.

    • Keep valuable items in the house, such as vases, in a safe place. Roofing causes lots of vibrations and this could cause items to fall off the shelves.
    • Your yard should be cleared of any items of value that could potentially get damaged should any debris that may fall when roofing contractors are removing the old roof.
    • Keep your car a safe distance away from the site to ensure that it won’t get damaged.
    • Keep your driveway clear to create a clear path for construction vehicles to make deliveries as well as site clearing when they are finished.
    • It would be best to inform your neighbors of your planned roofing installation Evanston as there will be excessive noise during this time.

    Roof Replacement Evanston, IL - How Long It Takes

    As a busy roofing company in Evanston, we often hear this question: “How long will it take to have a new roof installation?” Evanston homeowners understandably want the job completed quickly but needs to be done right too. There are a number of things that need to be taken into account by roofing companies in Evanston.

    All roofing projects are different, so answering that question is not as simple as it sounds. That’s why roofing contractors in Evanston can’t provide just an average time to take care of a roof installation. But under ordinary circumstances with a home of average size and clear working conditions, you can have a roof installation completed within one to three days.

    Determining the Time for Your Roof Installation

    By first having a professional roof inspection in Evanston, you can gain clear insight into how long the job will take. Here are the main factors that might lead to a longer project time frame:

    • Weather
    • Roofing style and material availability
    • Size of the home
    • How steep is the roof
    • How accessible is the roof
    • Do you need an entire roof replacement or just shingles
    • The property’s historical significance

    Causes Of Roof Leaks - Topline Roofing Company Evanston, IL

    The water that comes into the attic can travel along the rafters and take the easiest way across horizontal areas, making it hard to pinpoint the spot where the leak originated. Among the common causes of a leaking roof repair Evanston residents face are: 

    Missing And Faulty Flashing: water leaks are often attributed to shingles, but missing flashing from the chimney or any other part of the roof could be the spot where water finds its way into your house. If you think this is your case, you can hire the best roof inspection Evanston has. 

    Missing, Degraded or Damaged Shingles: faulty shingles can eventually allow water to enter your home. Even if it’s small at the beginning, with time it can grow to cause considerable damage. That’s why you need to call the roofing contractors from the first signs of water leaking. 

    Ice Dams: during winter, ice dams are a common cause of water leaks. They happen after cycles of freezing and thawing when the snow melts onto the warmer surfaces of your roof and it freezes again over the cold eaves. This is a frequent reason to call the experienced roofing companies Evanston.

    What Impact the Cost of a Roof Installation Evanston, IL

    Roof Size: Your roof’s size determines the cost of your roof replacement in Evanston. More roof means more roofing material and labor.  

    Material Waste: Roofing contractors in Evanston will generally add 10-15% to the measured square footage of the roof. This is to offset wasted material, although it can vary with different roof styles and the chosen roof material.

    Roofing Squares: Figuring out the number of roofing squares needed for a roof replacement in Evanston is easy. Divide the total area of the roof by 100, which corresponds to 1 square.

    Roofing Materials: The quality of the roofing materials, as well as the type you choose, will affect the price of a roof replacement.

    Shape and Design of Your Roof: The architectural construction and shape of your roof can move the needle on the cost of a roof replacement in Evanston. Costs change according to a steep A-frame slope, the number of dormers, or a combination of valleys and gables. 

    Current Condition of Your Roof: A total roof replacement can help restore a heavily damaged roof, affecting the cost.