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Who is TopLine Roofing Company in Niles, IL & Surrounding Areas?


For a professional roof repair in Niles contact our skilled roofing contractors - at TopLine Roofing Company we hire only the best roofers. For more than 20 years, TopLine Roofing Company has provided expert professional services that lead way for other roofing companies in Niles to emulate.

For everything from minor roof repair to sound advice from an expert roof inspection to top-quality roof installation in Niles, our great team can do it all. Plus, we offer much more than most roof companies in Niles because we also provide expert masonry and tuckpointing services to care for your whole building. And when you need us most, our experts can work directly with a public adjuster so that if your home has suffered damage, you receive the insurance benefit you’re entitled to.

Count on TopLine Roofing Company in Niles for fast and reliable service for anything you need on your roof. We are licensed, experienced, and notice every detail. That’s what you can expect from our professional roofing contractors in Niles.

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Why Choose TopLine - #1 Roofing Company Niles, IL

Years of Experience

For the absolute best offering roof inspection, roof repair, or roof installation in Niles that you can trust, you need the highest level of experience. At TopLine Roofing Company, you can count on over 20 years of experience to give you the right roof that you want.

Skilled Contractors

For years our company has been leading the region’s top roofing companies in Niles, as our roofing contractors have the greatest skills to work with any roofing style. Thanks to their unique knowledge we represent high standards in residential and commercial roofing services.

High-Quality Service

Excellent roofing is just that because of more than the quality workmanship that goes into it as we provide roof repair or roof installation in Niles. Our roofing company is ready to serve every customer with a personalized and cheerful approach, for customer service that’s not often found.

Our Services - TopLine Roofing Company Niles, IL


Roof Repair Niles, IL

Whether it’s an easy roof repair or a major roofing issue that requires quick professional attention, our team of roofing contractors in Niles is ready to help. We will go over your entire roof, talk about options, and take any needed steps to repair it as soon as possible. And our roofing contractors will work within your budget so there are no more worries about your roof repair in Niles.

Roof Installation Niles, IL

Through our A-list roofing company, you can count on getting the best and most trusted roofing solutions for your roof installation in Niles. We have a full complement of roofing options for you to choose from, allowing you to get the exterior look you want with the roof strength you need for your home or business. 


Roof Inspection Niles, IL

You may require a professional to take a look at your roof to ensure it’s in good standing, there may be a problem on your roof, or you may need to clear a property purchase. No matter the reason, our roofing company can provide expert roof inspection in Niles. Let us look after your roof so you can keep it in top condition throughout the year.

Hail & Storm Damage Restoration Niles, IL

Storm damage on your roof can be a difficult experience. You may not even realize there is a problem until it spreads. TopLine Roofing Company is accustomed to working with your public adjuster so that you are sure to get the coverage you are entitled to for your roof repair in Niles. And our financing options are available to you if your insurance falls short or you can’t readily afford the service, so either way, we have you covered. 


People Say About Our Roofing Company Niles, IL

Roofing Contractors Niles, IL - FAQ

How do I know if my roofing system is damaged?

You will notice some signs like water stains on your walls and ceiling, or even roof leaks. Many damages might occur on your roof without noticing it. That is why our roof company in Niles offers roof inspection. Your roofing is a significant investment. That is why it’s essential to have it checked by professionals. Our roofers can help you identify roofing problems first to save yourself from expensive repairs or replacements.

Do I need a new roof installation in Niles if I experience roof leaks?

How much work or repair will depend on the situation and the level of damage to your roof. Talk to one of our professional roofers in Niles. We will help you with the best roof repair you can do or roof replacement if necessary.

What is the average span of a roofing system installed by a roofing company in Niles?

Homeowners can expect their wood shake roofs to last for 20 to 30 years. At the same time, cement shingles may last for 20 to 25 years. But each roofing system is different. There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to the lifespan of your roofing system. If your roofing system is correctly installed by professionals using high-quality materials and well-maintained, you can expect to maximize the lifespan of your roof.

What is the price of a new roof system?

There are a lot of roofing companies that promise great results. Be sure to hire only trusted and professionals. The lowest price doesn’t mean the best company. Your roof replacement cost will depend on the materials you need, the labor, the size of your home, and the architectural system. Call TopLine Roofing Company to get an estimate for your roofing.

How to tell me if I need a new roof installation in Niles?

If you see visible signs such as curled shingles, cracked asphalt, leaks, and moss growing on your roofs, then it’s time to call the professionals. With the help of our trusted roofing contractors in Niles, you will know if your roof damage can be repaired or you need a total replacement.

New Roof Installation Niles, IL - Check When You Should Consider It

If your roof gets overlooked, know that you are not alone in that regard, but also know that your roof is one of the most important parts of your home. Our roofing company in Niles is prepared to help you with all kinds of roofing issues you may have, including roof inspection, roof repair, and complete roof installation. Here is what you should look for that might indicate you need new roofing installation in Niles:

  • You find noticeable cracks on your roof
  • There is water damage
  • Your heating or cooling bills have suddenly gone up
  • Shingles do not sit properly or you can see the nail heads
  • Missing shingles
  • You can see dark, dirty spots on your roof
  • Your roof is over 20 years old

Our specialized roofing contractors in the Niles can ensure that your roof is well-maintained. More than other roofing companies in Niles, we offer top-quality affordable roofing you can count on. Call TopLine Roofing Company in Niles today!

TopLine Roofing Company Niles, IL - See Our Process


When you call TopLine Roofing Company in Niles, you have our full attention to ensure we understand every detail of your roofing situation. We will then schedule a consultation at your convenience to discuss your roof and provide a roof inspection for your Niles home. This way, we can gather as much information as possible for our estimator to advise you accordingly.


Your roof inspection in Niles will assess the condition of your home’s roof. In this way, we can determine the number of shingle layers currently on the roof and whether an additional layer can be installed on top of what’s there. Or we can see if the old shingles need to be stripped away during the new roof replacement.


Understanding the basics of what your roof repair or roof replacement includes can save you from hassles later. After the roof inspection is completed, we will provide you with a detailed estimate noting all the work required for your roof installation in Niles. You will know the approximate time needed, the cost, and the work description, so you can make a well-informed decision.


When you’re ready, we can schedule your roofing project based on your availability. Our team of professionals will begin the process for your roof replacement or roof repair in Niles. Our roofing contractors give your roof their complete attention in every detail, so you can count on our roofing company to get your home looking new again.


Our customers love our satisfaction guarantee. It is the basis for everything we do and it is why our roofing company in Niles outshines the competition. Our roofing contractors in Niles offer their best, so you can count on having the best roof possible.

Residential Roof Repair in Niles, IL

If you are tired of roofing companies doing jobs that leave a lot to be desired, we have good news as our roofing contractors have come to Niles to stay and help you with any roof issues on your home or business. We specialize in various roof-related services such as roof repair, roof inspection, and roof installation; which will be carried out by our professionals in an effective and dedicated manner, always complying with the established delivery deadlines.

You don’t have to worry anymore about your roof’s poor condition or bad maintenance work on it, since with our company, your roof will be in good hands. If you want to receive quotes from us or receive more information regarding our work, you can contact the branch of our roofing company in Niles. We will be waiting to assist you.