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TopLine Roofing Contractors is the top roofing company in Palatine, bringing a full range of roofing services to the area. Whether you need roof repairs, restoration, or replacement, our roofing contractors in Palatine are here for you. We can handle any project size, large or small, even new construction builds. We are quick to respond with a detailed estimate for your roof replacement or other roofing projects, so contact TopLine Roofing Contractors in Palatine today.

We have licensed, bonded, and insured roofing contractors who are always prepared to help. Our roofing company enjoys a great history of success, but we also understand that the true measure of success is the level of customer satisfaction we achieve through our professional work. That’s precisely why our roofing company in Palatine is so committed to offering our customers the affordable top-quality roofing they expect for honest and reliable experts.

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Why Choose Our Roofing Contractors

Years of Experience

For the best roof inspection, roof repair, or roof installation in Palatine that you can trust, you need our experience working for you. At TopLine Roofing Company, we have more than 20 years of experience to leave you with the roof you want.

Skilled Contractors

For years we have been leading several top roofing companies in Palatine, as our roofing contractors have the skills to work with any type of roof. Our exceptional skills provide the highest standard of roofing for your home or business.

Top-Quality Service

Great roofing is more than simply the workmanship we provide for any roof repair or roof installation in Palatine. Our roofing contractors also offer the personalized approach that every customer wants but rarely sees these days.

Services Offered By TopLine Roofing Contractors Palatine, IL


Roof Repair Palatine, IL

Whether it’s a general roof repair in Palatine or a major roof issue that needs immediate attention, the roofing contractors at TopLine Roofing Company are here to help. We will look over your roof, discuss a plan, and take all the necessary steps to fix it fast and within your budget, so you don’t have to worry about your roof repair any longer. 

Roof Installation Palatine, IL

Through our professional roofing company in Palatine, you can count on the best and most reliable roofing solutions for your roof installation. We have an outstanding range of roofing options available so you can have the look you want and the strength you need for your home or business.


Roof Inspection Palatine, IL

If you need a professional to check your roof to ensure it’s solid, or you believe there might be a problem on your roof, or you may be working on a new property purchase, our roofing company can be there for you with expert roof inspection in Palatine. Let us look over your roof to help keep it in top form so you can remain confident with it all year long. 

Hail & Storm Damage Restoration Palatine, IL

Roof damage caused by natural elements can be a disaster and you may not even realize it until a bigger problem presents itself. TopLine Roofing Company collaborates directly with your public adjuster to give you the coverage you deserve for your roof repair in Palatine. We can even offer amazing financing options if you can’t immediately afford the roof repair or your insurance claim is not covered.

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Initial Contact

When you call TopLine Roofing Company in Palatine, we always give you our full attention to make sure we understand every detail about your roofing issue. Once we understand the problem with your roof, our roofing company can schedule the most convenient time for us to visit your property for an estimate. This allows us to gather all the information needed during an initial roof inspection.

Roof Inspection

We’ll schedule a thorough roof inspection in Palatine to assess the health and safety of your home’s roof. This will help us to get an idea of how many shingle layers are currently on the roof, whether a new layer can be added on top of the old shingles, and if all your roofing needs to be stripped off during the roof replacement process.


Understanding the basics of what to expect from your roof repair or roof replacement can save you much frustration later. That’s why after your roof inspection in Palatine, we will give you all details you need about the potential work required for your roofing. You will know the approximate time frame, the cost of your roof replacement, and a complete description of the work needed. Your free estimate is the best way to make an informed decision.


When you are ready, we will schedule your new roof installation in Palatine. Our professional team will start the roof replacement or roof repair according to your schedule. That’s when our roofing contractors in Palatine do their detailed work to give you the desired results to make your home safe, secure and look great.


Our satisfaction guarantee goes well beyond just attracting new customers. It is the foundation of everything we do, so it is an important part of the process. Our guarantee is one reason our roofing company in Palatine goes further than the competition on every roofing installation or roof repair in Palatine.

Is It Time For A New Roofing Installation Palatine, IL?

Having proper roofing is critical for any home. This will provide the protection you need against strong weather conditions and keep your family safe and sound inside your home. TopLine Roofing Company offers roof repair, roof inspection, and roof installation in the Palatine area. We also provide high-quality, prompt, and professional replacements for damaged roofing. For your reference, the following are common signs of damaged residential or commercial roofs:

  • Visible cracks on the roof
  • Water penetration on your ceiling
  • Unusually high power bill
  • Popped up shingles
  • Protruded head nails
  • Missing shingles
  • Filthy areas on the roofing surface
  • More than 20 years since initial roofing installation

Our roofing contractors in Palatine have the expertise to repair or replace your roofing with quality results. We offer reasonable rates for our services that cater to residential and commercial properties in the local area. Feel free to call us at TopLine Roofing Company to schedule an appointment for the roof inspection. Trust our contractors to be in your footsteps before you know it! Send us a message or call our roofing contractors (773) 727-4447!