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    For any roof repair concern, you know to trust TopLine Roofing Company in Wilmette. Our company has been around for over 20 years, making us the preferred roofing company in Wilmette and other surrounding areas.

    Our expert roofing contractors in Wilmette can handle anything from minor roof repairs to complex roof installation, whether for your residential or commercial property. We not only excel in any roof concerns; we also provide masonry and tuckpointing services for your convenience. We can also close deals with a public adjuster for you to claim the coverage for each repair you need.

    TopLine Roofing Company hires the best roofing contractors in Wilmette and nearby suburbs. You can just ask our happy clients how committed we are towards quality service! For an honest roofing experience, TopLine Roofing Company is at your service!

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    Why Choose Our Roofing Company Wilmette, IL

    Years of Experience

    For the best roof inspection, roof repair, or roof installation in Wilmette you can trust, you need the experience to work for you. At TopLine Roofing Company, 20 years of experience goes a long way for great roofing.

    Skilled Contractors

    For years we have been leading top roofing companies in Wilmette as our roofing contractors can work with every kind of roof. With our skills, we can provide the highest standard of roofing performance to you.

    Top-Quality Service

    Great roofing is more than the outstanding work we do on your roof repair or roof installation. Our roofing contractors in Wilmette provide a personalized approach to every customer for that top-level customer service not often noticed.

    Our Services - TopLine Roofing Company Wilmette, IL


    Roof Repair Wilmette, IL

    Whether it’s a general roof repair in Wilmette or a major issue to handle, the roofing contractors at TopLine Roofing Company are here to take care of the problem quickly and professionally. We will assess your roof issue, develop a plan, and take the best course of action to fix it in a hurry and on budget, so you can feel good about your roof again. 

    Roof Installation Wilmette, IL

    Through our professional roofing company in Wilmette, you can have the best and most reliable roofing solutions for any new roof installation. We have a wide range of roofing options that are both beautiful and durable, so your roof lasts for years.


    Roof Inspection Wilmette, IL

    If you need us to check your roof in the spring, you believe you could have a problem on your roof, or you are working on a property deal, our roofing company provides expert roof inspection in Wilmette. Let us examine your roof to keep it in great condition so you can be confident about it all year long. 

    Hail & Storm Damage Restoration Wilmette, IL

    Roof damage can be stressful and you may not even it’s there until you notice a bigger issue. TopLine Roofing Company deals directly with your public adjuster to ensure your roof repair in Wilmette has the right coverage you expect. We even have outstanding financing options available if you can’t afford the repair or an insurance claim is not needed.


    Roof Types Provided By TopLine Roofing Company Wilmette, IL

    Flat Roof Wilmette, IL

    TopLine Roofing Company in Wilmette offers roof installation, roof inspection, and roof repair as the expert for flat roofing. Common materials used for flat roofing include fiberglass membranes, modified bitumen, and a rubber membrane. If you have questions about your flat roof, contact our team of professionals for all the answers you need.

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    Shingle Roof Wilmette, IL

    The most common roofing solution is the shingle roof installation in Wilmette. TopLine Roofing Company provides exceptional shingle roof installation and roof repair in Wilmette, and we recommend annual roof inspections to keep your roof in top shape. Speak with our roofing company in Wilmette today about your shingle roofing options.

    Rubber Roof Wilmette, IL

    Learn more about the rubber membrane roofing solution that has become quite popular. It is resistant to sun damage, is very lightweight, and offers excellent durability. This type of roof is not costly and makes roof repair in Wilmette easy. Our roofing contractors in Wilmette are always ready to provide the information you need about a rubber roof, so call TopLine Roofing Company before you make your decision.

    Check What Clients Say About TopLine Roofing Contractors Wilmette, IL

    Frequently Asked Questions - TopLine Roofing Companies Wilmette, IL

    How can a homeowner tell when their roof needs roof repair in Wilmette?

    There are many hazards that can cause your roof to need immediate attention. The best option is to hire a professional roofing company in Wilmette to send an inspector for a comprehensive look to properly assess where the damage is.

    How soon do I need a new roof installation in Wilmette if it is leaking?

    Often, a leak can be fixed, but if the damage is too severe, replacement might be your only option. The only true way to know is by having a roofing inspector from TopLine Roofing Company in Wilmette give you a thorough check of your roof’s condition.

    How do I know if, during roof repair in Wilmette, my roof is structurally sound?

    The average roof lasts about 20 years, but that can fluctuate slightly with the quality of the initial work, the quality of the materials, the upkeep, the local climate and weather severity, and several other factors.

    What will the new roof installation in Wilmette cost me?

    There is no blanket price. Factors like the size of your roof, the architectural style, roofing contractors you hire to do the work, and market cost, plus the materials used, will play a factor in the end total.

    When should I consider a new roof installation in Wilmette?

    Many factors go into determining that a roof needs to be replaced. The shingles curling, algae growth or mold from excess moisture, and excessive leaks. Any of these, and it is time. Call TopLine Roofing Company in Wilmette.

    Roofing Process by TopLine Roofing Company Wilmette, IL


    Call us to discuss the details of your roofing concern. Once we have made an initial assessment of the situation based on your description, we will have our estimator visit your property for a thorough physical roof inspection in Wilmette. This is an important next step that will provide us every vital information we need to determine the next steps in handling your roofing.


    We will schedule a professional roof inspection to assess the condition of your roofing. We will inspect the shingles and determine if they need a complete replacement or we can put a new shingle on top of the old ones. Rest assured our roofing contractors will update you accordingly.


    A professional estimate given by reputable roofing companies in the Wilmette area will save you the trouble from spending unnecessary expenses on repairs later on. Once we have completed the roof inspection, we will provide you all the information regarding the roof work needed. We can agree on a reasonable timeline for the project, overall cost, and scope of work. Once everything has been settled, we can begin the work.


    As scheduled, our roofing contractors in Wilmette will arrive at your place and perform the roof repair or roof installation, whichever your roofing may need. Trust our contractors to do an excellent job and complete the project on time. By the time we are done, you can enjoy your fresh new roofing for years to come.


    We strive to satisfy our clients with all roofing services we perform, thus we make it a philosophy to be open to comments, feedback, and suggestions. We try to go the extra mile and serve you in the best way we can. Enjoy sustainable roofing solutions no less than what we provide at TopLine Roofing Company!

    Is It Time For A New Roof Installation Wilmette, IL?

    While roofs are known to last for years or even decades, they also need a regular roof inspection in Wilmette that will bring them to their best form each time. Our roofing company provides to many clients around Wilmette. If you are confused as to when you need a roof repair or completely new roofing, take a look at these common roof issues below. At the sight of any of them, contact us at TopLine Roofing Company immediately.

    • Visible cracks on the roof
    • Damages caused by water penetration
    • Misaligned or missing shingles
    • Protruded head nails
    • Excessively dark portions on the roof
    • Decayed roofing
    • Unusually high cost on indoor heating or cooling
    • Filthy roofing surface

    It is always best to consult with professional roofing companies in Wilmette when you spot any of these damages or issues mentioned above. Our roofing contractors can take care of your home with high-quality results at budget-friendly rates. Don’t miss out on our premium services! For roofing installation, repair, or inspection, give us a call today!

    Benefits of Roof Repair in Wilmette, IL

    Topline Roofing Company in Wilmette has provided the finest roof installation and roof repair in the region for many years. Our roofing contractors in Wilmette are expertly trained and experienced to give you the right solutions for any roof. And your roof repair in Wilmette can bring you some terrific benefits:

    Lower your energy costs: Through a roof repair in Wilmette, you can automatically see a reduction in your energy bill. That’s because when your roof is in perfect shape, it naturally helps to save energy.

    Curb appeal: There is a wide range of roofing materials and solutions you can choose from for your roof installation in Wilmette or your roof repair. You can give your home a new look with a great new exterior.

    Invest in your home: Your roofing company in Wilmette can add tremendous value to your home, making it a great investment.

    Relieve Stress: Consulting with roofing professionals like those at Topline Roofing Company in Wilmette, you can benefit from certified training to help establish the right roof maintenance routine. That will give you the relief in knowing your roof is in the right condition to protect your home.  

    How To Make Your Roof Last - Topline Roofing Contractors Wilmette, IL

    Choose the Right Roof: When you have a roofing installation done in Wilmette, it’s best not to rush the selection process. A good roofing contractor can help you decide on that.

    Prioritize Ventilation: Ventilation is crucial for preventing mold and lessening any temperature swings; when you have your roof installation done, make sure it is well ventilated.

    Choose Durable Materials: Our experts can help you choose durable materials when it comes to your roofing installation. Materials come in a wide spectrum of expected life spans.

    Set Up a Maintenance Plan: Every roofing company knows the importance of setting up regular roof inspections. Making sure problems are found and fixed early with a maintenance plan can help maximize a roof’s lifespan.

    Check Out Your Warranty: Warranties are important when it comes to lessening the financial sting of roof repairs and keeping the roof in operation for a long time.

    Reasons Why You Shouldn't Put Off Roof Repair Wilmette, IL

    Costly Energy Bills

    According to expert roofing companies, your home’s heat can escape through damaged roofs. As a result, your heating system has to work more to provide a comfortable environment, which drives up your energy costs.

    Time Will Do More Damage

    Roof damage gets worse over time from exposure to bad weather. The issues must be rectified as soon as possible. Roofing contractors at Topline Roofing Company Wilmette are skilled in making a speedy, effective roof repair.

    Developing mildew and mold

    Mold and mildew flourish best in moist environments. They quickly proliferate and spread over the entire house. They pose a major risk to your family’s health.

    Pets & Animals Are Dangerous

    Animals can easily reach the crevices and gaps left by the roof damage, which will allow them to expand and do more harm. To stop it, contact our roofing company Wilmette.

    How To Prepare For Roof Installation Wilmette, IL

    Your roof provides critical protection for your home and your family. For that reason, it’s vital to have a reputable roofing company in Wilmette ensure that your roof is in good condition through regular roof inspections and repairs when needed. But even so, at some point, you will need a new roof installation on your Wilmette home due to excessive damage or age. For your roof replacement, call TopLine Roofing Company in Wilmette and follow this list to prepare for your new roof installation:

    • Store your valuable items safely to ensure that when our roofing contractors in Wilmette begin the work,  the vibrations don’t cause any harm.
    • Anything that can be damaged around your yard should be removed if possible. Falling debris is common during a roof installation.
    • Keep your car safe by finding a place to park that is far enough away from the worksite to keep your vehicle safe and to allow your roofing contractors in Wilmette to move material on the property effectively.
    • Kindly advise your neighbors of your roof installation to prepare them for the additional noise and possible falling debris. 

    Everything you need to know about your Roof Installation Wilmette

    Completing any home improvement project brings multiple benefits.  At Topline Roofing we offer nothing short of the best roofing services in Wilmette, IL.
    Here are some important benefits:

    Increased Home Value: Strengthen your old property and start planning your project step by step. Take in consideration that the money you are expending is actually an investment because renovations bring an added value.

    Energy Savings: Reduce your power consumption by making sure your roof is properly maintained in optimum condition. This will help your house run more efficiently by not having any device work harder to maintain a warmer or cooler indoor temperature.

    Boost your home’s look: Roofs not only give you and your loved ones protection, it also speaks about your style. There are many designs and materials you can choose from which you can determine works alongside your aesthetics.

    Stress Reduction: Get rid of any worry you have about your roof and schedule an appointment with our experts so an inspection can be planned. Also, future problems can be avoided. Planning regular checks is a great way you can feel safe at home.

    How To Pick The Right Roof Shingle Color - TopLine Roofing Company Wilmette, IL

    With a plethora of options for your next roof shingle at your disposal, it can be overwhelming to choose the perfect one. But there’s a short guide that you can follow to assess the best color for your next roof installation in Wilmette.

    Do your shopping in real life. This will help you check the authentic colors of each shingle and won’t leave you with a bad impression in case the colors go wrong.

    Look at it from a bird’s view. Shingle colors tend to camouflage once laid beside a similar color. Overall, a small difference in color won’t make a drastic difference. Just make sure you have a definite color palette to follow.

    Consider the sunlight. This hugely impacts the way your roofing installation in Wilmette would look from the streets. Take samples during different hours of the day to know how the light would reflect on the shingles.