Roof Inspection Chicago, IL Tailored To Your Roofing Needs

Professional Roof Inspection Chicago, IL

Just like the routine maintenance on your vehicle, your roof needs attention to ensure it is in top working order. It takes a pounding from sun, rain, snow, wind and hair. While the roofing protects it, it still can begin to fall apart with age. Calling the professional roofing contractors in Chicago and TopLine Roofing Company is your best course in being sure your roof is in good shape. 

The cost of a roof inspection in Chicago is nominal in comparison to the cost of a total roof replacement. This makes roof inspection on your Chicago home not only a prudent investment, but a wise decision. Roof inspection takes up to a couple hours, whereas roof replacement will take days. For time, for peace of mind, call TopLine Roofing Company, get your roof inspection, and know that your roof is in its best shape. And if it needs some attention, we have roofing contractors.

Roof Inspection Chicago, IL - What to Expect?

When you have concerns about your roof’s stability, life-expectancy, and ability to keep water out of your house, the best thing to do is call TopLine Roof Inspection in Chicago. We will inspect the following during the roof inspection:

In a thorough material roof inspection, our contractor will be looking for damaged or missing shingles, popping nails, debris-blocked gutters, creating ice-dams, and failing flashings that can cause an unstable chimney. 

A structural roof inspection looks for sagging roofs and damaged lintels, rotting wood, or compromised structural elements due to wear and tear.

In an interior roof inspection, the contractor will look for ways that water is possibly entering your home. In checking interior ceilings and walls, as well as attics and lofts, the inspector is looking for water stains, mildew, rot, and softwood.

Workmanship will also be checked. Problems may be occurring because of previous contractors’ sloppy work or repairs not done adequately or promptly.

Three important points of the Roof Inspection
Process Chicago, IL

Inspect the roof surface

When it comes to roof inspection procedures, we’re the best roofing contractors in Chicago. In order to know the degree of integrity, we perform an extensive inspection of the roof, depending on its type. Single-layered roofs are inspected for holes, cracks or fasteners back-on; and if it is built-on, we focus on areas where there’s not enough gravel or has exposed felts. Additionally, we inspect the roof’s seams and transitions for cracks or holes in order to seal them.

Inspect roof penetrations

Because roof penetrations are susceptible to leaks, we take care to verify that its components are in good condition. If by chance we find that one of these components has caused leaking in the roof, we’ll repair it.

Inspect the sealant

Given that sealants fail over time, our contractors will inspect and subsequently repair them.