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We all know the old adage, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” And while that might apply to many aspects of our daily life, it doesn’t apply to your roof. You may think you don’t need a new roof installation until there is a significant problem, but by then, it is already too late. The structural integrity of your home can be compromised in many places if your roof is no longer sound. 

Calling a roofing company in Chicago, like TopLine Roofing Company, is the best defense against the tremendous headaches and expense of your roof damage and deterioration ruining your entire home. Our roofing contractors offer top-quality roofing installation that will ensure your home remains in good shape, and have been serving the people of Chicago with all our roofing installation needs for many years, earning a reputation as the premier roofing company to call for any roof installation desires.

Reasons, Why Proper Roof Installation Chicago, IL Is So Important

Less money out of your pocket: Getting a professional contractor to do a roof installation of your new roof is just common sense. A badly installed roof is going to give you future problems and issues that will cost you more money in the long run. 

Roof life: All roofs have a life expectancy. Depending on the kind of roof you want it should last 20 plus years. Incorrect roof installation procedures can shorten that life and considering the financial outlay of a new roof, you probably would like to see it last its full term.

Manufacturer’s warranties: A unprofessional roof installation and sloppy workmanship can cut the life of your roof short and possibly void your warranty. So go for the pro roofing installation the first time around.

Peace of mind: You don’t want to worry about your roof failing in bad weather. A good roofing contractor will do a proper roof installation and give you confidence that your home is always dry and safe.

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know our Roof Installation process

Does your house need an urgent roof installation or repair, but you don’t want to put your investment at risk by hiring a company with a dubious reputation or you have no idea who to go with? You can breathe easy as Topline Roofing is the most prominent roofing company in Chicago thanks to our dedicated team. Further, we will explain more about our installation procedures.

Roof installation step 1 – Remove/replace rotted sheathing

In order to see if there is damage to the roof, our roofing contractors will remove the shingles and see if the sheathing has suffered any type of perforation or rotting. If that’s the case, it will be removed and subsequently replaced with a new one. 

Roof installation Step 2 – Install the drip edge

Subsequently, our specialists will install drip edges on your roof, which prevent water from entering the roof system during the rainy season, thus protecting it.

Roof installation Step 3 – Install the underlayment

To prevent damage from storms or hurricane force winds if the shingles are lifted, our contractors will install waterproof materials with a more effective bonding ratio.

Roof installation Step 4 – Install the starter strip

Another of the mechanisms that we add during the roofing installation procedure is an adhesive strip that prevents water from entering your house through gaps.

Roof installation Step 5 – Seal all vent and pipe penetrations

At this stage, each ventilation point will be sealed with cement to ensure that rainwater does not penetrate between the shingle and the protective layer, taking into consideration that all roofs have penetrations to allow air to circulate into the house’s interior.

Roof installation Step 6 – Apply the shingles

In the final stage of our repair/installation process, our roofing contractors will install your new shingles to your roof following strict standards, so that they are covered by the Topline Roofing  warranty.

Roof installation Step 7 – Inspect and Clean-up efforts

After finishing, our work team will carry out a roof inspection to assure proper work was done and subsequently will proceed to completely clean the work area and remove the old material.