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Flat roofing is a familiar sight across North America. You usually find a flat roof in Chicago on malls, warehouses, apartment complexes, and schools. Flat roofing is often a popular feature on garages, home extensions, and building structures. Because it is so easy to install a flat roof in Chicago, it is common on commercial, industrial, and institutional type buildings.

Flat roofing has a timber frame that serves as the supporting structure. The joists that run along the shorter length of a flat roof in Chicago operate as the load-bearing features of the structure. A wood deck is then built with the weight supported by those joists. In reality, a flat roof is not perfectly flat. Every flat roof in Chicago has a 5 to 15-degree slope to direct the flow of water into the drainage system.

Topline Flat Roof in Chicago provides top-quality workmanship by all our roofing contractors with decades of combined flat roof experience. We work only with the best roofing materials that offer the highest level of performance to bring you the flat roof you expect from professional installation.

The Advantages
Of Having A Flat
Roof Installation Chicago, IL

Easily Maintained

Flat roofs are easy to access, compared to sloped roofs, and easier to repair. Being able to access and maintain the roof means that more serious repairs can be avoided. 

Versatile Design

Flat roofs can be designed using recyclable materials. The flat roof design itself allows the entire roof to be covered but leaves space that can be utilized for other things.

Long Lifespan And Durability

Flat roofs are designed to be able to survive harsh weather conditions, such as heavy wind, heavy rain and snow. They are extremely durable, with quality roofs lasting 30-40 years.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Quality, the flat roof installation Chicago consists of thermal insulating materials. These reduce heat loss through the roof, keeping the property warm, reducing the need for heating and increasing the property’s energy efficiency 

Value For Money

Flat roofs are more economical in comparison to other sloped roofs. They are also easier and quicker to install by roofing companies Chicago and easier to perform repairs on, due to their flat surface.

Flat Roof Chicago, IL - FAQ

What can be done to help my flat roof endure longer?

Annual inspections and periodic upkeep are among the most effective ways to lengthen your flat roof’s life. Additionally, allow roofing companies and contractors, like us, TopLine Roofing Company, to do the installation professionally, using high-quality roofing materials. 

To subject my flat roof to inspection, how old should it be?

When flat roofs are ten years old, it’s time to start getting roof inspections and proceed with yearly checks.

How should flat roof upkeep be done? What must be assessed?

Biannually, preferably in March and November, when rainfall or snowfall ends, where one can ensure that water drains away. You should check for leaks, seals, visible degradation, blocked drains and HVAC vents, molds, and even internal structural damage. 

How can rainfall be on a flat roof?

Flat roofs aren’t completely flat; they’re designed with a little slope to allow water to run into the gutters.