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A rubber roof is constructed of rubber or plastic polymers, but it can contain both materials. This is an eco-friendly roofing option as it’s made from recycled tires, sawdust, and slate dust. Rubber roofing systems are excellent for limiting leaks through an impervious seal. As a component of a rubber roof in Chicago, the single-ply synthetic membrane offers strength, a waterproof seal, and is pliable. Its flexibility allows rubber roofing to go anywhere typical asphalt roofing can’t.

Your rubber roof in Chicago is designed to last years with very minimal maintenance required. When installed correctly by professional roofing contractors in Chicago, you may never have to endure any cracking or leaking. But if you do end up with a crack or leak, it can likely be repaired quickly using a latex sealant. A rubber roof is also able to endure hail and other severe weather events, while at the same time, standing up to ultraviolet radiation and cyclical seasonal fatigue. Plus, a roofing company in Chicago, like TopLine Roofing, can provide a rubber roof installation through an easier and faster process than that of asphalt or slate.

Roofing Installation - Benefits

Simple Maintenance

Notably resistant to weather impacts, don’t worry about hiring roofing contractors Chicago for spring tile replacement. You’ll need to repair splitting and heat cracking regularly, but vulcanized tiles require very little maintenance overall.

Simple installation

It is equally easy to install rubber roof shingles as it is asphalt shingles. This simple roofing installation process takes about a half-day, making rubber roofing a budget-friendly possibility in today’s market.

Go Green

Rubber roof tiles consist of recycled materials and tire dumping in landfills is banned in thirty-eight states, making the hiring of a roofing company Chicago to install an EPDM roof an environmentally friendly solution.


The rubber underlayment provides outstanding insulation and impact sound control. A TPO or single-ply EPDM roofing system delivers an R-value up to 0.33 per unit. A standard ballasted EPDM assembly attains an R-value up to R-35.


Roofing companies Chicago look to rubber as it is basically indestructible by impact. It has a Class Four impact rating, the industry’s highest. It can withstand tree branches and hail and not even crack.

Rubber Roof Chicago, IL - FAQ

How long should a rubber roof in Chicago last?
With the proper roof installation and under normal weather conditions, your rubber roof in Chicago can last for up to 60 years.

How do you maintain a rubber roof?
Inspections – A rubber roof requires regular professional inspections by expert roofing contractors in Chicago. They will check the whole roof, seams, flashing, and roofing fixtures.
Cleaning – Make sure to remove debris with a good cleaning after every season for your rubber roof.
Gutters – It’s important to have clean functioning gutters, so remove any debris and inspect them for damage.

When do I need to have a rubber roof replacement?
Age – On an old roof that’s nearing its end, a roof repair will only last a short time,  so speak to your roofing company in Chicago about replacing it.
High Energy Bills – If your energy bills have inexplicably risen, your roof may be the reason.
Leaks – Water coming through your ceiling is a sure sign you need a new rubber roof in Chicago.