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Roofing Shingles black and gray color, roof tile texture.

The most basic type of roofing system is the shingle roof. Quite simply, this is a roof that is protected by shingles, which are flat, rectangular pieces that include asphalt, composite, or other roofing components in their design. Shingles are installed from the base of the roof and the roofing contractors move slowly upward, overlapping them to ensure full protection. This type of shingle roof in Chicago is also the most common throughout the country.

A shingle roof offers versatility in a wide range of colors, including classic black, natural earth tones, or more contemporary solutions like red, blue, or green. There are also some modern options offered by roofing companies in Chicago that can mimic other materials in texture, like slate, wood, or tile, so you can enjoy a less costly, safer, and lower-maintenance roof while still adding style.

The reason for their popularity is that shingle roofing systems are often the cheapest. And roofing contractors in Chicago do not need specialized training to install shingles, lowering labor costs too. Depending on the type of shingle roof you choose, expect your roof to last 10 to upwards of 30 years.

The Advantages
Of Asphalt Shingle Roof Installation Chicago, IL


The cost is perhaps the main benefit of asphalt shingles, according to many roofing companies Chicago. Asphalt shingles are now the most affordable roofing material available.

Easy Installation

Undoubtedly the quickest and easiest form of roofing installation is asphalt shingles. Many houses may have a brand-new roof installation in only one day.

Reliable Contractors

Finding a skilled installer for metal or clay tile roofing installations Chicago might be challenging because only a select few contractors specialize in these projects, while practically all reputable roofing companies provide asphalt shingle installations.

Easy To Repair

The need to substitute or repair a shingle is not uncommon, but it is also not as significant (or as expensive) as repairs on other types of roofs.

Fits In Neighborhood

The most popular style of residential roofing is the asphalt shingle. With an asphalt shingle roof, your home must fit in with the remaining part of the houses in the area.

Factors That Affect the Life of Shingle Roof Chicago, IL

Poor Roofing Installation
Mistakes made by roofing contractors in Chicago are the number 1 cause of premature roof failure. You can choose from many available residential roofing companies, but make sure it’s the one with the experience and an excellent reputation. Going with a fly-by-night roofing company could lead to shoddy workmanship and another roof replacement sooner than expected.

Harsh Elements
While the weather is out of your control, you can accommodate tough weather events with a quality shingle roof in Chicago. A solid installation by an expert roofing company can provide greater protection for your home. But repeated exposure to heavy hail, wind, and extreme temperatures can still cause the roof to wear down sooner.

Maintenance Schedule
Professional maintenance for your roof by knowledgeable roofing contractors in Chicago can address minor issues before they become major ones and cause problems for your entire building. You may also invalidate your insurance without regular roofing company maintenance services.