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    At TopLine Roofing Contractors, we offer a complete range of roofing services as the number one roofing company in Highland Park. So if you need roof repairs, restoration, or roof replacement, our roofing contractors in Highland Park have the solution. We can take on any project, large or small, and we even help with new construction builds. Count on us for a quick response with a detailed estimate outlining your roof replacement or other roofing projects, and contact TopLine Roofing Contractors in Highland Park today.

    We have licensed, bonded, and insured roofing contractors that are always here to make it right. Our roofing company loves the history of success we enjoy, but we also realize that the true measure of success lies in the level of customer satisfaction we achieve. This is exactly the reason why our roofing company in Highland Park is so committed to our customers through affordable top-quality roofing that is expected from our honest and reliable experts.

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    Why Choose TopLine Roofing Company Highland Park, IL

    Years of Experience

    To have the best roof inspection, roof repair, or roof installation, you need experience on your side. At TopLine Roofing Company in Highland Park, we have over 20 years of experience here for you.

    Skilled Contractors

    In our years leading other roofing companies in Highland Park, our roofing contractors have had the opportunity to work on every style of roof. We have mastered our roofing skills to give you the highest level of performance.

    Top-Quality Service

    The very best in roofing comes from more than just the roof repair or roof installation we do. Our roofing contractors in Highland Park offer special personalized attention to every customer for a high level of service not often found.

    Services Offered by TopLine Roofing Company Highland Park, IL


    Roof Repair Highland Park, IL

    Whether it’s a small roof repair in Highland Park or a major issue, the roofing contractors at TopLine Roofing Company can handle the problem quickly and expertly. We will assess the damage, formulate a plan, and take the best course of action to repair it fast and affordably, keeping your building structurally sound.

    Roof Installation Highland Park, IL

    Through our roofing company, you have access to the best, most reliable roofing solutions for your new roof installation in Highland Park. We offer a variety of roofing options that are aesthetically pleasing and durable, so you can count on your roof for years.


    Roof Inspection Highland Park, IL

    Whether you need us for a spring checkup, you suspect a problem on your roof, or you are buying and selling property, our roofing company can offer expert roof inspection in Highland Park. Let us ensure your roof is in perfect condition so you can feel confident throughout the year.

    Hail & Storm Damage Restoration Highland Park, IL

    Roof damage happens when you least expect it and you may not even notice it at first. So at TopLine Roofing Company, we work closely with your public adjuster to ensure your roof repair in Highland Park is handled by your insurance coverage. And if you can’t afford repairs or do not want to put an insurance claim through, we have excellent financing options.


    TopLine Roofing Company Highland Park, IL -  Roof Types

    Flat Roof Highland Park, IL

    TopLine Roofing Company is Highland Park’s roof installation, roof inspection, and roof repair specialist for flat roofing. Materials that are commonly used for flat roofing include fiberglass membranes, modified bitumen, and a rubber membrane. If you’re not sure about your flat roof, call our team of professionals for details on the benefits and drawbacks of each option.

    new roof with shingles

    Shingle Roof Highland Park, IL

    For a very common roofing solution, go with a shingle roof installation in Highland Park. TopLine Roofing Company offers shingle roof installation and roof repair in Highland Park. We recommend an annual roof inspection to ensure your roof remains in excellent condition to avoid potential damage to your interior structure. Speak with our roofing company in Highland Park today about the best shingle roofing for you.

    rubbber (Kopiowanie)

    Rubber Roof Highland Park, IL

    A very popular roofing option is a rubber membrane that is designed to resist sun damage, is lightweight, and is extremely durable. This solution makes it easy to do roof repairs and is quite reasonably priced. Our roofing contractors in Highland Park can advise you further, so contact TopLine Roofing Company for all the information you need to make the right choice.

    TopLine Roofing Company Highland Park, IL - Our Projects

    Clients Say About TopLine Roofing Company Highland Park, IL

    FAQ - Roofing Company Highland Park, IL

    How will I know if my roofing system has a problem and I need a roof repair in Highland Park?

    There are a lot of different damages that may put your roofing system in danger. The most common sign is a roof leak. Usually, when your roof leaks, it indicates that there is a lot of damage occurring in your roofing. The best way to check your roofing system is to hire reliable and professional roofing contractors. Our roofing company in Highland Park offers periodic inspection of the roof to check for any damage or repair needed.

    Do I have to do a new roof installation in Highland Park if my roof leaks?

    The answer would depend on how much damage you have to your roofing. Several reasons may cause a roof leak, and only a professional roofing contractor can tell you what the best thing to do with your roof is.

    What is the lifespan of a roof installed by roofing companies in Highland Park?

    The lifespan of an average roofing system is 20 years. But it can be determined by several factors such as the design, climate, asphalt shingle composition, maintenance, and weather conditions such as hail, snow, and hurricanes.

    How will I know If I need a new roof installation in Highland Park?

    Check if you experience leaks, holes, or sagging. Many homeowners are not aware of these and make temporary solutions instead of dealing with the problem, causing the entire roof damage. For a thorough roof inspection, be sure to call TopLine Roofing Company in Highland Park to regularly check your roof.

    How much does a new roof installation in Highland Park cost?

    The cost of a new roof system depends on different factors. You have to consider the size of the roof, the materials to use, the damage to your roof, and the roofing company that will work for you. When searching for roofing companies in Highland Park, make sure that you will consider the estimated price and the reputation and experience as well to avoid further problems.

    Roofing Process By TopLine Roofing Company Highland Park, IL


    At TopLine Roofing Company, when you contact us about your roofing concern, you can be sure we will give you our full attention and absorb every detail. After the initial call, we assign professional roofing contractors in Skokie to go to your home at a time convenient for you and do a thorough inspection of your roof, to determine the scope of your roof repair in Highland Park.


    Our comprehensive roof inspection assesses the overall wellness of your roof, including the quality of your shingles, the last time they were replaced, and if less than reputable roofing contractors just put new shingles over the old ones. We never do that type of repair.


    Money can be a big factor in many home repairs, but we don’t want it to be a factor in your roof repair in Highland Park. TopLine Roofing Company in Highland Park will give you an accurate timeline, a cost analysis, and an overview of what you need to do. And we offer to finance if the price is higher than you can afford all at once.


    Once we finish with the initial details, we schedule a date to get underway. We can then give you a firm completion date, knowing that our roofing contractors in Highland Park will always meet their deadline, rain or shine. Nothing gets in the way of our roofing contractors in Highland Park doing their best work to give you your best roof repair or replacement.


    When TopLine Roofing Company guarantees satisfaction for our roofing repair customers in Highland Park, that means more than just a slogan or cliche. It means to us that we are extending our reputation as collateral for your trust and that we will get the job done to your absolute approval, done right, done well, and done professionally.

    New Roof Installation Highland Park, IL - When is it time to do it?

    High-quality roofing can protect your home for a long time, thus maintenance is of utmost importance. At TopLine Roofing Company, we provide all roofing services you may need to keep your property in excellent condition. When you see your roofing starting to show signs of damages, call us right away to prevent the problem from getting worse. Feel free to use this short list as a guide to initially assess if your roofing needs a roof repair in Highland Park soon.

    • Obvious cracks on the roof
    • Water damage or penetration
    • A significant increase in heating or cooling expenses
    • Missing or skewed shingles
    • Poked out head nails
    • Remarkably dirty portions on the roofing surface
    • YOld roofing more than 20 years since the original installation

    When you see any of these issues on your roofing, call us at TopLine Roofing Company immediately and we will work on your roofing to return its beauty and strength. We have skillful roofing contractors in Highland Park that can be trusted with any roofing concerns. Give us a call (773) 727-4447 or send a message!

    Get to know your Roof Renovation Benefits Highland Park

    Located at Highland Park, Topline Roofing offers the best roofing services in town. Thanks to our experts, you will feel safe and enjoy your time at home.
    Some of its benefits:

    Home Value: The money you are spending on your roof renovation is actually an investment because, by renovating, you are adding value. 

    Change your house looks: There are many designs and materials so you can choose which type fits your aesthetics while boosting your style.

    Energy Savings: Reduce your power consumption by fixing your roof. It may not seem as important, but trust our experts when we say you will save a lot of money from your energy bill.

    Reduce your stress : Schedule an appointment with us, so our experts can plan an inspection and save you from stress in the future. Maintaining regular checks is a consistent way you can feel protected at home.

    Roof Installation Highland Park, IL - How To Choose the Right Color

    If it’s time to replace your roofing in Highland Park, take a moment to reconsider which color your roofing shingles should be to improve your home’s overall look. You may be tempted to play it safe and replace your current roof with the same color as before. Instead, use your roofing installation as an opportunity to refresh your home’s appearance.

    When choosing your shingles, you need to make sure that you see them in real life. Professional roofing contractors in Highland Park suggest checking out the homes in your neighborhood with the same roofing shingle color installed.

    You have to think of the big picture. Shingle colors usually have a chameleon effect when they are matched up to another color in the exterior of your home. So don’t just choose the same color on the exterior of your home. 

    Next is you should evaluate the impact of lighting. The overall appearance of your roofing can depend on the time of day and corresponding light. Take your shingle samples outside in the morning, afternoon, and evening before deciding on the color you want.

    TopLine Roofing Company – Residential Roof Repair Highland Park, IL

    We are your premier residential and commercial roofing contractors in Highland Park. We serve all types of roofing projects with knowledge and expertise. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and have made us one of the best roofing companies. 

    Your roof is exposed to harsh weather conditions like gusty winds, storms, hail, snow, and debris. These can cause damage and cause wear and tear to your residential and commercial roof. TopLine Roofing Company in Highland Park can provide you with a professional roof inspection to recognize any problems and take actions to resolve them before they become significant issues. Our roofing contractors are committed to the highest quality roof repair services. We strive to provide professional service based on timelines, quality work, honesty, and fair prices. We also offer roof installation that is durable, stylish, and will last long.

    We look forward to working with you and showing our difference in using TopLine Roofing Company in Highland Park.

    Advantages of Roof Repair in Highland Park, IL

    Topline Roofing Company has delivered the best roof installation and roof repair in Highland Park for many years. Our roofing contractors in Highland Park are professionally trained and experienced to offer the right solutions for your roof in any situation. And your roof repair in Highland Park can give you some excellent benefits:

    Lower your energy consumption: With a roof repair in Highland Park, you can instantly see a drop in your energy bill. The reason is that when your roof is in top form, it acts to save on energy naturally.

    Curb appeal: There are so many roofing materials and solutions to choose from for your roof installation in Highland Park and your roof repair. Your home will gain a new look with a fresh new exterior.

    Invest in your home: Your roofing company in Highland Park can add value to your home, so it’s a great investment.

    Lower Stress: Work with roofing professionals like Topline Roofing Company in Highland Park, who have certified training to help you establish your roof maintenance routine. That way, you’ll have the knowledge that your roof is always protecting you and your home.

    Roof Installation Highland Park, IL - How to Prepare

    Without a roof, your home is susceptible to damages and won’t protect your family. That is why it is important to keep your roof in good condition with regular maintenance and repairs. However, even with proper maintenance, the time will come that you need to replace your roof because it has been damaged or old. When it’s time for your roof replacement, TopLine Roofing Company in Highland Park has listed some of the ways to prepare for your roof installation.

    • Keep your valuable things in a safer place once the roofing contractors work on your roof. Vibrations from work might cause things to fall off and damage your valuables.
    • Remove things in your yard that can be damaged by falling debris during the roof installation or roof replacement in Highland Park.
    • Distance your car to the working site. If possible, find another place to park your car to give you enough space to bring in and out the materials needed for your roof installation in Highland Park.
    • Inform your neighbors about the project, so they know what to expect, and they can prepare for some extra noise. 

    How Long Does It Take to Finish Roof Replacement Highland Park, IL?

    Many homeowners ask us, “How long will a roof replacement take?”. On average, a normal-sized home with good weather conditions will take one to three days to replace the roof. Of course, TopLine Roofing Contractors Highland Park could give you an average, but the time it takes to have roof installation will vary on several factors.  Just like the saying no one-size-fits-all, it can also be applied in determining the length of time our professional roofing contractors install your roof. 

    Our roofing company Highland Park always ensures that no matter how big or small your roof installation project is, it will be leak-free and properly installed. 

    Factors That Determine Roof Replacement Time

    Roof replacement timelines are different. Here are some factors that affect the time of your roof installation project:

    1. Type of Material

    2. The complexity of roof architecture

    3. Season and Weather

    4. Damaged Structure

    5. Size of the Home

    6. Pitch of the Roof

    7. Property’s Historical Significance

    TopLine Roofing Company Highland Park, IL - What Causes a Roof Leak?

    Water will take the easiest path inside, and when it gets into the attic, it will continue to flow slowly across the rafters and floors.  This makes it hard for roofing contractors in Highland Park to find the original entry point.


    Insufficient Flashing: You may believe the shingles are the problem but often, a roof inspection in Highland Park will determine that missing flashing in certain areas may be allowing the water in.


    Shingle Problems: You may have missing, cracked, or damaged shingles that are letting the water penetrate the roof. A small leak will form but it can grow if left unchecked.  


    Ice Dams: Ice dams pose a major threat and as a professional roofing company in Highland Park, we’ve seen dams form by thawing the snow on warm roof spots and refreezing it along the gutters, pushing the water up under the shingles.