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TopLine Roofing Contractors offers a full range of roofing services as the leading roofing company in Skokie for installation and replacement. Whether you’re looking for roof repairs, restoration, or you have a brand new construction, our roofing contractors in Skokie can handle it all, even if it’s a small job or huge project. We can provide a fast detailed estimate to replace your roof, so contact the professionals at TopLine Roofing Contractors in Skokie today.

Our licensed, bonded, and insured roofing contractors are ready to help and we are proud of our skills and our great success. But we also understand that the real measure of success is in seeing how our work leads to great customer satisfaction. That’s why our roofing company in Skokie is committed to providing our customers with the finest in affordable quality roofing in an honest, reliable manner. 

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Roof Repair Skokie, IL

No matter what your roof repair needs in Skokie, big or small, home or business, we have the professionals to give it attention quickly, and are always ready with the top roofing contractors in Skokie to get on the job. Your roof is a large area, and issues could be masked or hiding, and that is why we will comprehensively inspect your roof, give you all the best options, and get your repairs underway right away. We work with your budget and give you a worry-free roof repair.

Roof Installation Skokie, IL

For roofing installation in Skokie, we are the gold standard, and you can trust us to do terrific work with the best roofing contractors in Skokie. We have a menu of roofing possibilities for our customers to select from, which gives you control over your roof’s look, while still getting the quality and strength you need for your residential or commercial property.
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Roof Inspection Skokie, IL

If you are concerned about your roof, having professional roofing contractors in Skokie take a look is a tremendous plan, if for nothing more than peace of mind. We can tell you if it is good to go, or if you need to go right away. Whatever your reason, we will give you the best, most thorough roof inspection in Skokie, guaranteed.

Hail & Storm Damage Restoration Skokie, IL

Severe storms and hail can do a number on your roof. You may not have a full understanding of how bad it is until it becomes a bigger problem. TopLine Roofing Company in Skokie works with insurance adjusters to ensure you are covered for the roof repair you need, when you need it. We offer financing for what insurance doesn’t cover, or if it is just a sum too large for your current financial availability.

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TopLine Roofing Company Skokie, IL - Check Our Projects

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TopLine Roofing Company Skokie, IL - Our Roofing Process


When you contact our team of roofing contractors at TopLine Roofing Company in Skokie, you will always get our full attention so we can get the entire picture of your roofing issue. Once we have a full understanding of what is going on, our roofing contractors will determine a time that is convenient for you to give you an estimation or what you need. The estimator will get all the information we need to decide the level of your roof repair needed in Skokie.


Our inspection is designed to give us an idea of how your roof is doing. Our roofing contractors in Skokie can figure out how many layers of shingles are on it, and whether it has been replaced recently, as well as if the roofing company that did the work just slapped new shingles on top of the old ones.


We want to work with you and know money is often a factor. Knowing what your roof replacement or roof repair in Skokie will entail, we can give you an estimate that is both fair and reasonable, and if the work is going to be more extensive, we also offer financing options for your convenience.


After all the details are finalized, TopLine Roofing Company will give you a time for us to get started, along with a reinforced timeframe with a firm completion date. When we start on your roof repair or roof replacement, you are our only priority until the job is done.


Our reputation is built on customer satisfaction. It isn’t a marketing gimmick but a promise to our customers that they will be happy with our work, and we take that promise as gospel. TopLine Roofing Company in Skokie will always give our customers the absolute best we can, doing highly-skilled work, and being a beacon of professionalism

New Roof Installation Skokie, IL - How To Know It’s Time

Roofings do not get as much attention as other parts of a home. Nevertheless, it requires maintenance and proper repair or replacement when the situation calls for it. As a trusted roofing company in the Skokie area, we take it as a mission to make all homes in the local area as strong and long-lasting as can be. Once you spot any of these issues on your roofing, give us a call and we will take care of it as soon as possible.

  • Missing or popped up shingles
  • Protruded head nails
  • Minor or major water penetration
  • Leaking on the ceiling or the side of your home
  • Unusual amount of grime on the surface
  • Aged roofing over 20 years of use
  • Soaring electric bill
  • An unusual heating or cooling expenses

Whatever type of roofing you may have, trust our roofing contractors in Skokie to provide the utmost professional roof inspection and roof repair or roof installation your property deserves. We at TopLine Roofing Company are ready to serve you anytime. Give our contractors a call (773) 727-4447 today or send a message!